Toyoko Inn Brand

Your journey starts here

People move. They work, they play, they search, they find, and they become something new. When they visit a city, they have a purpose.
Open the door and take the first step. Just outside the door, countless possibilities await.
As you work in this city, what can we do for you?
Clean, safe spaces at reasonable charges. Sharing information based on in-depth knowledge of the city.
Recharging body and mind for a fresh start. With 340 locations around the world, we serve as a base to support all human movement.
Your journey starts here. Have a safe trip. We are your home away from home.

Have a safe trip.
Your home away from home


Brand Concept

Nationwide network of travel base

A network of hotels stores spread across 46 prefectures. All hotels are directly managed and we offer standardized facilities and quality of service. We support our guests' departure with the peace of mind of being located anywhere in the country and the most secure environment and rates for recharging.


Customer Promise
(What we will provide to customers
of Toyoko Inn)

A base hotel that supports each
customer’s departure

We believe that when our guests choose to stay in a business hotel, the purpose and enjoyment of their trip are “outside” the hotel. Toyoko Inn promises the following to those who are active “outside” and those who enjoy "outside.”

The peace of mind of always being there

To support every customer's movement through our network of hotels located in front of and near train stations in 46 prefectures, and a “one-price system principle” that does not have large price fluctuations throughout the year.

Recharge your body and mind

We provide simple, clean and comfortable guest rooms and a little extraordinary experience that is unique to your travel destination.
We will send you off with a smile and a “please come again” when you depart the next morning.

Co-existence with the local community and the planet

We are building win-win relationships with local communities to become a corporate citizen that can contribute to the revitalization and development of local communities. Also, as the company with the most guest rooms in Japan, we help realize a recycling-oriented society through our "ZERO Waste Declaration".

Message from the CEO

To continue being the customers' first choice

Since its founding, Toyoko Inn has taken pride in setting the standard for the business hotel industry with the concept of "clean, comfortable, and affordable". Now that the business hotel industry has entered a mature stage, a wide variety of hotels are competing by offering different services to meet the various travel purposes and needs of the guests. In addition, as our everyday life changed drastically due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, we had re-examined what our customers are looking for and how the market will change in the future, and decided it was time to rebrand.

While maintaining the quality of Toyoko Inn that has been loved over the years, by providing not only "reliability" but also "innovation", we would like to continue being the first choice for our guests.

In July 2022, Toyoko Inn will have a brand new "start".

Maiko Kuroda

Toyoko Inn

President and Executive Officer
Maiko Kuroda