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  • The first Toyoko Inn opened in Kamata, Tokyo in 1986, and we celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2016 thanks to all of your support.
  • Business hotels back in the day were all about low prices, and they were mostly “old, dirty, dark, and smelly”. I can proudly say that during those times, Toyoko Inn was the one name that created the modern business hotel culture by building a hotel that was “conveniently located, clean, bright, reasonably priced, and safe to use” with the concept, “Modern, Japanese-style inns located near railway stations”. Also, I believe that offering “Cleanliness and Reliability at a Reasonable Rate” hospitality is what our company stands for and a contribution to society.
  • Moreover, we have always valued our relationships with the local communities. Toyoko Inn generally asks the landowner to build the hotel, and we run our business by renting the building and slowly accustom to the local community with the help of the owner. We do not have restaurants or banquet halls, which give the guests at the hotels the opportunity to go to the restaurants in the neighboring areas, and we hire all of our managers and staff from the local area. As you can see, each one of Toyoko Inns has grown with local communities.
  • With a total of more than 50,000 guest rooms, Toyoko Inn has grown into one of the biggest hotel chains in Japan while having been through rapid growth and rebound, for example the Great East Japan Earthquake by making a V-shaped recovery. But our dream is still in the making. That is because Toyoko Inn’s dream is to build 10.45 million rooms all over the world, believing that it is our social mission to reduce conflicts among nations and people by invigorating international traffic and further develop cultural exchanges and global understanding.
  • The key to making this vast dream come true lies in each member of our employees. This is why what I envision for this company is, “to build 500,000 rooms in the next 30 years”, “to become the most popular name among females in Japan” and “to become the most respected name throughout the society”. I would like for our employees to be passionate and proud, to be a member of the growing company on its way to global expansion.
  • We will continue to grow and even more so than the past 30 years.
    We appreciate your continued support.
Maiko Kuroda
Maiko Kuroda
President and Chief Executive Officer
Toyoko Inn
Toyoko Inn